Thursday, April 05, 2012

Xilinx (XLNX) 2012 Review

Xilinx designs, develops and markets complementary metal-oxide-silicon programmable logic devices, including field programmable gate arrays and complex programmable logic devices and markets hardware devices and develops software design tools for programmable electronic technologies.

Steve Cook
The company has grown profits at a 10% pace over the last 10 years and has raised its dividend per share from $.20 in 2004 to $.64 in 2010. Return on equity has come in between 16% and 20% in the last five years. XLNX experienced a hiccup in 2009 due to the recession but recovered in 2010 year and should continue to make progress as a result of:
(1) benefiting from the global trend of programmable logic devices replacing application-specific integrated circuits,
(2) improvement in demand from its two principal markets,
(3) new products expected to open new markets,

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