Monday, September 09, 2013

Unmarried and Single Americans Week Sept. 15-21, 2013

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Unmarried and Single Americans Week Sept. 15-21, 2013

The Buckeye Singles Council started “National Singles Week” in Ohio in the 1980s to celebrate single life and recognize singles and their contributions to society.

The week is now widely observed during the third full week of September (Sept. 15-21 in 2013) as “Unmarried and Single Americans Week,” an acknowledgment that many unmarried Americans do not identify with the word “single” because they are parents, have partners or are widowed.

In this edition of Facts for Features, unmarried people include those who were never married, widowed or divorced, unless otherwise noted.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Does Green Tea Prevent Alzheimer's? Fact or Hype?

One of the hottest topics in the Alzheimer's community this week is about Green Tea and its effectiveness in preventing Alzheimer's.

Recent articles and research reports are extolling the virtue of green tea as a potential Alzheimer's Disease prevention . Fact or hype? Read on to learn more about the current hubba bubba around green tea extract. 



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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Alzheimer's and Skin Cancer

People with skin cancer were nearly 80 percent less likely to develop Alzheimer's disease

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The researchers looked at participants enrolled the Einstein Aging Study, which focuses on the aging brain and examines both normal aging and the special challenges of Alzheimer's disease and other dementing disorders. 

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Urinary Tract Infections Can Hasten Memory Loss in Alzheimer's Patients

Researchers have found a link between common infections, such as a cold, stomach bug or urine infection and an increase in inflammation like reactions in the brain which lead to an increased rate of cognitive decline. Study results show that people who got an infection had twice the rate of memory loss as people without infections.

By Bob DeMarco 
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Urinary Tract Infections Can Hasten Memory Loss in Alzheimer's Patients
Bob DeMarco

My name is Bob DeMarco, I am an Alzheimer's caregiver. My mother Dorothy lived with Alzheimer's disease.

This week my mother had her second urinary tract infection of the year. Urinary Tract infections are a problem faced by many Alzheimer's caregivers.

Urinary tract infections are particularly worrisome to me and they should be to most Alzheimer's caregivers.

There is research evidence indicating that infections can hasten memory loss in persons suffering from Alzheimer's. 

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