Friday, May 08, 2009

60 Minutes Bill James the Red Sox Stat Man (Preview)

It's a pastime that has an almost religious belief in statistics. Find the right permutations and you can be a master of the universe, or at least of the diamond.

Which brings us to Bill James, the wizard hired by the Boston Red Sox six years ago who helped bring a congenital loser two World Series championships after 86 years of drought.

As we reported last spring, James invented something called 'Sabermetrics,' loosely defined as the analysis of baseball through objective evidence.

Whether it actually works or not is open to debate but baseball, with its unshakeable reliance on superstition, believes the Red Sox have found themselves one extremely lucky charm.

60 Minutes correspondent Morley Safer found Bill James at spring training in Fort Myers, Fla., a shambling giant who strolls unnoticed among the stars and the star-struck fans, about as athletic as a night watchman at a pork and beans factory, which is exactly what he was.
Read on and see the video

60 Minutes Bill James the Red Sox Stat Man

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