Saturday, August 23, 2008

Is 'green' the new black?

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Assuming you're not a green activist, you could be forgiven for
being a little – dare we say it – bored of climate change.
That's not very PC, but over the past twelve months our over-heating
earth has consistently hit front pages across the globe, a multitude
of green products and marketing campaigns have debuted and governments
have been elected or ejected on the back of their green credentials.
The second annual Synovate and BBC World News climate change study
showed that more and more people are concerned about climate change
(72% across the globe and as high as 88% in Spain). But, even more
importantly, more and more people are actually doing something about it.
People are changing their behaviour in a dramatic fashion and the past
year has taken all-things-green mainstream.

Synovate spoke with over 18,000 people across 22 nations and found
that climate change is a truly hot issue.

It's not easy being green

America earns its green stripes

Green for good in China?

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