Saturday, May 03, 2008

Report to The Secretary of the Treasury from The Treasury Borrowing Advisory Committee

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The Federal government's budget balance is deteriorating in fiscal year 2008.  Weaker economic activity has dampened the pace of revenue collection and lifted growth in economically sensitive spending.  A recent survey of primary dealers estimates that the deficit for the 2008 fiscal year ending in September will exceed $400 billion with some economists expecting a deficit of more than $500 billion--a significant deterioration from fiscal 2007's deficit of $163 billion.  Economic stimulus measures will complement the forces widening the budget deficit.  This year's shortfall may surpass fiscal year 2004 as the largest on record in nominal dollars. 

Furthermore, additional members again reiterated their concern that this latest "cyclical" deterioration in the fiscal outlook is particularly troublesome as the longer-term "secular" forces of entitlement spending and the aging of the baby boom generation and their effect on the budget deficit are no longer that distant in the future.

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