Monday, May 19, 2008

Final CNBC Daily Bonus Bucks Trivia Questions and Answers for May 19

Squawk Box Question #1
In the story "Hogan's Heroes," Jeffries' Art Hogan recommended which biotech stock?
Answer: Charles River

Squawk on the Street Question #2
In "Future Trade: Web 5.0" what Un-"sexy" stock did Jeff Macke recommend?Answer: Intel

The Call Question # 3
On May 16,'s "Two Way Street" blog got its name from a presumably loyal reader. Who?Answer: John Ware

Power Lunch Question #4
In the CNBC Stock Blog, "A Big Buy On Brazil," what was Tom Del Zoppo's advice?
Buy Petrobras

Street Signs Question #5
In "Thunder To Battle iPhone?!" Jim Goldman quotes which tech news & review site?
Answer: The Boy Genius

Closing Bell Question #6
On May 16, Jim Cramer said he’d only recommend ONE Indian stock. Name it.
Sterlite Industries

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