Monday, April 21, 2008

eSolar scores $130 million from Google, other investors

Solar power plant builder eSolar has raised $130 million from Google’s philanthropic arm,, and other investors.
Sunday night as Fortune’s Brainstorm Green conference
The other investors include Idealab and Oak Investment Partners
eSolar could help break the logjam that has put Big Solar on the slow track in California.
“We just completed tests at our test site this week and we will be able to produce electricity that is competitive with coal,” said an animated Gross Sunday evening.
That is the Holy Grail of renewable energy
eSolar has been operating in stealth mode but Gross shared details of the company’s technology and how it intends to produce greenhouse gas-free electricity so cheaply
use fields of mirrors to focus the sun’s rays on a tower containing a water-filled boiler
The resulting heat will create steam that will drive an electricity-generating turbine
The tipping-point innovation
mirrors and the software that controls them as well as the modular design of the power plants
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