Monday, November 12, 2007

Putting Fountain of Youth in a Pill

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Sirtris, the pharma startup that hopes a chemical in red wine will yield a pill to fight some of the effects of aging, lost $9.65 million in the third quarter this year.

As the WSJ reported last year, the company was launched by a Harvard Med School biologist who found that resveratrol, a chemical in red wine, seemed to extend the lives of simple organisms. Its action resembled that of a calorie-restricted diet, which has also been shown to extend life. Given the choice, we’d take the red wine — but, alas, it would take hundreds of glasses a day to get the resveratrol doses used in the studies.

The company’s stock has done well since it went public earlier this year (see chart), but its Q3 loss, announced this morning, was a bit larger than analysts expected, notes Dow Jones Newswires. The market didn’t seem to mind, though — the stock opened up more than 3% from its Friday close.
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