Wednesday, April 04, 2007

American Idol Sanjaya Now the One to Beat

Finally, American Idol, HOT HOT HOT! Last night’s show was terrific.

Last night’s show was terrific. For the first time this season the majority of the contestants came prepared to fight for the crown. Big performances by Melinda, Jordin, Blake, Chris and yes, Sanjaya, as these five separated themselves from the pack. At this point, it looks like Chris is rising and both Blake and Lakisha are beginning to fade. My top five in order right now: Sanjaya, Melinda, Jordin, Blake and Chris.

That’s right America, Sanjaya, is now the one to beat.

The kid continues to surprise with his off beat and often endearing personality. It now appears that the evil Simon Cowell is beginning to “get it”. No less than the great Tony Bennett made it clear that even he is impressed by the kid’s presence (hear that Joe Scarborough, Mo Rocca and Larry King?). It seems like some are willing to accept what is, while others just can’t stand the idea that this is a “voting contest”. For those with short memories, duh, Diana DeGarmo made it into the final two. Need I say more?

I correctly predicted who was going home for three straight weeks (the entire season). If last night is any indication, I should be able to get it right at least two more weeks. While it is Haley that should be going home, my analysis tells me it’s Phil going home tonight. Both Phil and Gina just continue to disappoint. I really can’t help having the feeling after last night’s show that they want to go home. I really believe both are much better than they have shown so far.

Next week, it will be the beautiful, wonderful to look at Haley versus the more talented Gina to see who gets to go back to the daily humdrum of things. Come on Gina, let it fly. Get a red bull or something before the show.

To recap: Sanjaya is now the one to beat, Chris is rising, Lakisha and Blake are falling and Phil is going home tonight.

See ya next week,

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