Wednesday, April 18, 2007

American Idol 6, How Do You Spell Boring?

When LaKisha goes home before Sanjaya we will really have something to Blog about.

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How Do You Spell Boring? American Idol

After a red hot show three weeks ago, American Idol could not have been duller or more boring the last two weeks. Even the fights between Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest have been, well, boring. Even Sanjaya failed to liven things up this week. He was, well boring. By now I guess you are getting the picture; now on to the contestants and predictions for this week.

Sanjaya, you are safe. I have been with you all the way man, but after last night you could be getting close to the end of your roll. You better come up with something new and different over the next two weeks because the competition is stiffening.

When will LaKisha live up to the expectations she created on the first real week of the show? Ever since that week she has steadily fallen in my opinion. I predicted last week she would end up in the bottom three and I’ll stay with that prediction this week. When LaKisha goes home before Sanjaya we will really have something to Blog about.

If Melinda keeps it up she will go the way of Constantine (did you see him in the audience last night?). It amazes me that these contestants never learn. If you sing a song we never heard we won’t pick up the phone and vote no matter how good you are. I don’t care that she gave an excellent performance last night; I would be willing to bet that she dropped out of first place for the first time in many weeks.

This of course brings us to Jordin. She has improved dramatically since week one and just about each and every week. Jordin is now the one to beat. The most important thing to remember about Jordin is she gets it. If Sanjaya goes home she is the one most likely to benefit and that is a real wild card factor in the weeks ahead. Will Sanjay instruct his loyal legions of fans on how they should vote? Stay tuned.

I really like Chris Richardson and I have since the beginning. Oddly, his performance was so bad last week I predicted he would go home. Like Melinda this week he just doesn’t get it. He is going to get a chance to drink all the Cherry Coke he wants soon enough, but it won’t be this week. If this young man wants to pull off an upset next week he is going to need to sing a song we want to hear and not a song he wants to sing. He better do it with some Pizzazz while he is at it.

I like Phil but its time to say bye bye. You can only get so far on a big smile, bald head, loving your wife, and blowing kisses to the fans. Enough already. Paula thinks you have a career in country. I have a nice bridge I would like to sell to her.

Nice job Blake you definitely pleased your fans. You do get it.

So to recap, Phil is going home. The bottom three are: Phil, Chris and LaKisha.

By the way if there is a surprise this week it will be LaKisha going home.

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